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There is no REST API to create a Board. A create API may be included as part of the work for Flow Board import/copy operations, eg: "Import JSON to a single board" "Copy board"
Feel free to add your vote or comments to any of our Jira items for Flow Board (


The REST APIs verify access is permitted to the resources being operated upon by the caller. Some APIs are admin-only and those are identified as such.


DELETE <base URL>/rest/flowboard/1.0/boards/{boardId}/archived-cards/{cardId}


get Card Comments

use the get Card API


create Card Comment

POST <base URL>/rest/flowboard/1.0/cards/comments

The body of the post contains the card ID and the comment content.

The comment content can be a plain string (legacy style) or a serialized document (type=quill or type=string). Quill is the type of comment content that is created when user enters a comment using the UI


content as a serialized quill document, like a comment created by the UI:

Code Block

content as a serialized plain text document:

Code Block

content as string (legacy for support of Flow Board app version 1):

Code Block


update Card Comment

PUT <base URL>/rest/flowboard/1.0/cards/comments

See the API for create Card Comment for syntax of the body


delete Card Comment

DELETE <base URL>/rest/flowboard/1.0/cards/comments/{commentId}

Get the comment ID with the get Card API