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For Multiexcerpt - Cloud: You cannot add a Multiexcerpt macro or Multiexcerpt Fast Excerpt within a Table cell. The macro gets created outside the table when you try to insert it into a cell.

This happens only in the new fabric(V2) page editor. It works for the old editor. This is only an issue in Confluence Cloud.

Multiexcerpt Includes CAN be nested in tables, it is only Multexcerpts that cannot.

Atlassian has announced that they will NOT remove the legacy page editor from Confluence so you can use that editorAttlassian says, "The legacy editor isn't going anywhere"  

Rich-text body macros can be nested in Tables in the legacy page editor.


We recommend that you open a support case directly with Atlassian requesting that third party rich-text macros be nestable inside fabric editor Table cells.  Please give your feedback to Atlassian about their decision to stop supporting nested rich-text macros by voting on or commenting on CONFCLOUD-58656 and CONFCLOUD-68323.

Add your vote to our MEPOD-55 "Add a plain-text Multiexcerpt macro to the Multiexcerpt app" if a plain-text MultiExcerpt would serve your needs.  The styling of a plain-text macro would be primitive but there are not many options considering the decision by Atlassian to not support rich-text body macro nesting.