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This is a major release because it fixes to add a user picker in the macro editors for restricting the macros using lists of voters, viewers, and managers.


To search for the pages where this macro is present you could use Atlassian’s REST API for CQL searches: Search Your Site for Pages Containing a Certain Macro - Server with separate searches can use the “Macro Usage” tool in the Confluence administration tool. Search for survey, vote, survey-wikistyle, and vote-wikistyle. You probably don't have any survey-wikistyle or vote-wikistyle macros but should search for them to verify that. Those are old obsolete macros. This method requires some knowledge surrounding exercising REST APIs and may not appeal to folks who are not in the habit of doing that. In that case, see the following paragraph for a more user-friendly method:As an alternative to using CQL for finding all pages that have the macro on them, you can

You can also do a more specific search to find ONLY pages that contain a survey/vote macro that is using one of the parameters for restricting access to the macro. Those are the only pages you will need to edit (but ONLY if the restriction parameters mix both usernames and groupnames in the same parameter). This would require the use of an plugin that allows full searching of the Storage Format markup for your entire site. We have been able to use the Search and Replace app for this. We are not affiliated with the publish of that app but it works for this use-case.


  • <ac:parameter ac:name="managers">

  • <ac:parameter ac:name="voters">

  • <ac:parameter ac:name="viewers">

If there are usernames in those parameters then they need to be moved to the new “managerUsers”, “voterUsers”, and “viewerUsers” parameters. The original parameters are now use only for group names.


for documentation of the macro parameters for restricting lists of voters, viewers, and groups: