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Currently, If you place a Children Display macro in a MultiExcerpt it will not display properly in the MultieExcerpt Include. 

If the page with the MultiExcerpt Include on it has no children pages then it will appear blank as if there is no macro in place.
If the page with the MultiExcerpt Include on it has children pages then it it will display the children pages of the page where the Include is and not the children pages of the page with the MultiExcerpt on it. 

We have issue 

Jira Legacy
serverSystem JIRA
 to work on this issue. 


If you use the a MultiExcerpt Fast Excerpt and MultiExcerpt Fast Include pair you can still nest the Macro. You can use either the block or inline macros to accomplish this. 



You may need to change the type of include maco after your migration has been completed in order to render the include in the context of the MultiExcerpt page, which is the default behavior for MultiExcerpt Include on Server.  

  • You can either do this by removing and replacing the macro
    • Fix the MultiExcerpt Include(s)
      • find the MulIExcerpt include(s)
      • Delete the macro
      • Add a MultiExcerpt Fast include (either block or inline) - 
      • Save the page
  • or you can manually edit the storage format of the page
    • You will need an additional App for this. One such App is our Storage Editor. There are others out there as well. 
    • find the app name and change it
      • "multiexcerpt-include-macro" to "multiexcerpt-fast-include-block-macro" or "multiexcerpt-fast-include-inline-macro"
    • For additional information about manually editing see: Instructions for a manual migration(powerusers)

In Cloud, the "fast/dynamic" version of MultiExcerpt Include renders its content using the context of the page that the MultiExcerpt is on. This matches the default behavior for the MultiExcerpt Include on Server.  See this document for an explanation of a fast/dynamic macro: /wiki/spaces/SUP/pages/147360348