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Step 1

As a Confluence user

  1. Navigate to the parent page of the business analytics report.

  2. Click the ellipse button.

  3. Select the Copy page tree. The Copy page tree app is displayed.

  4. Specify the Space and Parent Page of the destination space from the drop-down menu.
    In this example, we are copying the business analytics report to the project proposal space.

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Step 2

Refine the page titles

  1. Specify a prefix for the pages.

  2. You can view the titles and hierarchy. Click the 📁 folder icon to expand the page tree.

  3. Use Replace and With to find and replace the words in the title. In this example, we are changing the business analytics report titles to match the project proposal plan.

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Step 3

Replace the words within the pages

  1. Check the Enable Advanced Options (slower but offers more control over page titles and content) option.

  2. (Optional) Specify a suffix for the pages. In this example, we do not specify suffixes.

  3. Go to Page Content, and specify the Replace and With to find and replace the words within the pages. In this example, we are replacing business with the project within the pages.


Step 3

Publish the project proposal plan

  1. Once you have entered the required information, click Copy page tree button. A confirmation page with the progress bar is displayed.

  2. When the copy process is complete the success message is displayed, then click Go to New Page. The destination page tree is displayed.