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The Copy Page Tree app allows you to add a page action to copy not only the current page but a complete page hierarchy. The app supports adjustments of page names to avoid problems with page name duplication. Use text search/replace to customize content on the destination pages. Copy attachments, labels, properties, and permissions. Copies can be saved to other Spaces as well.


  • Copy an entire page tree, Parent Page and its Child Pages, including (optionally) Attachments, Labels, Properties, Permissions

  • Search/Replace one or more pairs of strings to customize page contentĀ 

  • Supports page name adjustments to avoid issues with page name duplication

  • Review the page tree copy

  • Save form values for more efficient copies of the same page tree

  • The progress bar gives real-time feedback about the progress of the copy job

  • Quick links to Source and Destination pages upon copy completion

  • Delete an entire page tree