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Review the high-level status from the executive summary page:
Create an executive summary page from the MultiExcerpts in the project pages so that executives can review the high-level status of the project at any time.


The following steps demonstrate how to create a summary page using MultiExcerpt macro and MultiExcerpt Include macro features:

Step 1

As a Confluence Administrator or MultiExcerpt user:

  1. Navigate to the project page and click the edit icon.

  2. Go to the content that needs to be added to the executive summary page.

  3. Type ‘/' and search for Multiexcerpt macro or use the '+’ option in the editor main toolbar and search for Multiexcerpt macro.

  4. Select the Multiexcerpt macro.

  5. Specify a name for the Multiexcerpt macro.

  6. Copy and paste the required project content into the Multiexcerpt macro body.

  7. Click Publish.

Step 2

Within the other project pages:

Follow the first step. Define Multiexcerpt macros for all of the project content that must display on the executive summary page.


Specify the right names for each of the Multiexcerpt macros that are created across different project pages so that you can reference them in the executive summary.

Step 3

Include the Multiexcerpt macros in the executive summary page or create an executive page if one does not already exist. In this example, the executive page exists.

  1. Navigate to the executive summary page.

  2. Type ‘/' and search for Multiexcerpt Include macro or use the '+’ option in the editor main toolbar and search for Multiexcerpt Include macro.

  3. Select the Multiexcerpt Include macro.

  4. Select the project Page whose content needs to appear at the top of the page.

  5. Select the Multiexcerpt that was created on the project page.

  6. Click Insert.

Step 4

  1. Follow step three. Add all of the defined MultiExcerpts in the order that your executive team would like to view the project summary.

  2. Once all of the MultiExcerpts have been added, Publish the page to ensure that all of the MultiExcerpt content from multiple project pages is displayed.