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  1. It is enabled by default, no need for further configuration. It can be selected right away in compatible gadgets.

  2. It has access to the Jira cloud instance where the app is installed.

  3. Data access and permissions are the ones of the user who created the dashboard (dashboard owner). Thus, users have the very same permissions that they have in the Jira instance.


Connector app

The Dashboard Hub Connector app is a special app that you install on some Atlassian cloud products like Jira (Core, Software, Service Management), Confluence and Bitbucket (includes Pipelines).


  1. Data access managed on and by each Atlassian Cloud product instance.

  2. It just requires an admin to install the app and you are ready to go!

  3. It requires Dashboard Hub for Jira (paid app) to be installed in the main instance, but the Dashboard Hub Connector apps are free apps!


API Token

This type of datasource is required when the source of the data does not allow to install a connector app. In this case, you need to provide a user name and an API Token, so that the app can access and retrieve the information from these external sources. This mechanism is pretty common for integrations with third party vendors, and sometimes with Atlassian products too.


  1. It provides data access to several third party products and services.

  2. No need to install extra apps, just the API Token.

  3. The access is limited by the API Token. It will just allow to retrieve the data allowed by API Token.


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