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The global navigation bar is displayed at the top of our Get Started, My Workflows, Reporting, and Settings pages. If you are already familiar with JSU for Jira Cloud, you will see that it is now quicker to access these pages without navigating via your Admin Settings menu. A Resources menu ((blue star)) provides access to our Support Portal support portal and JSU user documentation.


Our Get Started page is your default entry page for the app. Use it Click Start Customizing to quickly go to the workflow you want to customize by clicking Start Customizing. Get Started also provides direct access to our user documentation, use cases, and support portal.

My Workflows is a single-page overview of your saved JSU rules where you can quickly see how JSU has been implemented across your entire instance.

The Reporting menu provides access to the Execution Log and your JSU migration reports.

The Settings page is where you can enable or disable the JSU options:


  • Show Hints & Tips: Enabled by default, this option displays contextual hints and tips throughout the app to help you onboard faster and make informed decisions. If you need a visual clue when using a feature, click Show Me.

    An example of JSU's Hints and Tips as shown in a draft workflow.

    To hide Hints & Tips, disable the Hints & Tips toggle.

  • Execution Messages

    :This option is enabled by default for evaluation licenses to help you see when a JSU rule is triggered and when the execution is complete. Pop-up messages are displayed when viewing the issue that triggered the rule. Messages are displayed only to Jira administrators who have triggered the rule. If there are multiple rules executed within the same time frame, a summary message is displayed.

    An example of the execution message displayed when a rule is first executed.
  • Email Notifications: The JSU product team would like to keep you informed of new features, security notifications, and occasional feedback requests. Disabled by default, this option allows you to opt - in or out of receiving emails from the team.

The JSU menu button is available from your Agile project boards. To edit a workflow for the current project, select JSU > Edit Workflow.


If your Jira instance is configured with the Apps dropdown, you can navigate to JSU by selecting Apps > JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows. This directs you to the JSU Get Started page.


You can always rely on your Jira Admin Settings menu to display JSU’s app menu in the Apps left sidebar menu. Select the Settings cog icon, then select Apps.